Purchasing (Shopping/Requisitioning)

Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process.

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).  All are pdf documents. 

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TopicProcess DocumentQuick Guide
TopicProcess DocumentQuick Guide
Add Accounting and Comments at the Header of the Cart  PD QG 
Add Comments to the Cart  PD QG 
Add Items to a Retrieved Cart  PD QG 
Add Payment Terms Advice  PD QG 
Add Ship To and Attention To at the Header of a Cart  PD QG 
Add Split Accounting at the Line Item of a Cart  PD QG 
Add to Existing Cart from Non-Catalog Form  PD QG 
Add/Update Ship To Address   QG 
Assign Substitute Requisitionser  PD QG 
Cancel a Punchout Session Without Returning Items to a Cart  PD QG 
Copy a Previously Submitted Cart into a New Cart  PD QG 
Create a Cart from a Hosted Catalog and Save  PD QG 
Create a Favorite  PD  
Create a SpeedType  PD QG 
Create New Cart from Punchout Supplier PD  
Create New Cart from Vendor Quote  PD QG 
Create Shared Favorite  PD QG 
Document Search - Advanced Search  PD  
Document Search - Simple Search  PD  
Edit a Retrieved Cart  PD QG 
Modify an Existing Cart  PD QG 
Non-Catalog Multi-Line Order  PD  
Preview Requisition Workflow and Purchase Orders  PD QG 
Proceed to Checkout to Finalize Cart Information and Place Order  PD QG 
Remittance Advice  PD  
Remove Cart from Workflow/Edit/Assign  PD QG 
Request a PO Change  PD QG 
Research the Workflow Status of a Requisition  PD QG 
Retire a SpeedType  PD QG 
Retrieve an Assigned Cart  PD QG 
Return Cart to Shopper  PD QG 
Search for General Item & Filter Results PD QG 
Submit a Cart to Workflow  PD  
Submit a Check Request via Forms PD QG 
Submit an After the Fact Form Request  PD  
Unassign a Cart  PD QG 
Update Shipping Address and Attention To on the the Header of a Cart  PD QG 
View All Comments for Related Documents  PD QG 
View the Status of a Payment  PD QG 
Withdraw a Requisition  PD QG 
Showing 40 items